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UK Visa



  • Original passport ( Valid upto 1 Year).
  • Photographs size 35*45 with Matt finishing in white back ground ,80% face covered (If possible, we recommend photo graphs without spectacles to avoid the risk of rejection because of glare or reflection).
  • Show previous travel history.
  • evidence of your marital status, marriage certificate, devorce certificate, death certficate.
  • Self employed, evidence of business activity and finacial standing  is needed, Business registration documents confirming the business owner;s name and the date when the business started trading.
  •  Evidence of employment, A letter from your employer on company headed paper, detailing your salary and the length of your employment. You could also consider submitting further documents which might support an employment letter, such as pay slips or tax returns. If you have recently entered new employment, you could consider providing details of your previous employment and salary history.
  •  Student, A letter from your education provider on headed paper, confirming your enrolment and leave of absence.
  • Sponser letter,  latest bank statement, bank account verification letter, 2 pay stub copy(pay slip), copy of passport, allotment letter.